Why do we need stabilizers in concrete construction?

Posted by Raphael Breiner - 25 February, 2020

Stabilizers contribute significantly to the quality of a concrete mix: They prevent concrete from sedimentation and bleeding, optimize the rheological properties and improve concrete robustness. With MasterMatrix, we offer a broad range of stabilizers for each construction project.

Reaching the right balance between fluidity and resistance to segregation – apparently opposing properties – is essential in concrete construction. However, with increasing fluidity in the mix, the tendency of concrete to sediment and separate increases. In this regard, the high dispersing power of superplasticizers may lead to an even higher sensitivity of a concrete mix towards bleeding and segregation, thus resulting in severe damage potentials:

  • Structural: Reduced strength development
  • Aesthetics: Chalking surfaces
  • Durability: Increased porosity / capillarity obtained

MasterMatrixThese problems can be avoided using stabilizers and viscosity-modifying agents (VMA) from our MasterMatrix range which guarantee the right balance between high fluidity and high segregation resistance. They are ready-to-use, organic polymers specially dedicated for producing concrete with enhanced viscosity and controlled rheological properties. MasterMatrix products are composed of water-soluble copolymers which form complex molecular aggregates and polymer entanglement, thereby changing the viscosity of the water and influencing the rheological properties of the concrete mix. The single products are perfectly fitting to every-day challenges and convince by their many advantages:

Picture: MasterMatrix molecules. 

  • Excellent stabilization of aggregates: neither sedimentation nor bleeding
  • Tolerates water and raw material deviations: improved robustness
  • Higher dosage effi­ciency compared to mineral fi­llers: economic benefit
  • Individual adjustment of rheological properties possible: total control of flow properties

Depending on the application MasterMatrix products may be customized showing a defined rheological profile and fit to purpose properties. Thus, concrete producers benefit enormously of our technologies – no matter if it is about smart dynamic concrete, self-consolidating concrete, underwater concrete, foundation concrete or concrete for 3D printing.




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