MasterLife SRA – Taking Shrinkage Reduction To A New Level

With MasterLife SRA 900, Master Builders Solutions has developed an innovative admixture to extend the service life of concrete: The premium solution in the new MasterLife SRA series effectively reduces shrinkage and crack formation to produce high-quality, durable concrete.

The durability of concrete as a construction material depends on a number of different factors. In this context, the shrinkage  of the material plays a key role. Two well-known types of shrinkage are drying as a result of the progressive hydration of the cement (autogenous shrinkage) and drying shrinkage as a result of the release of moisture to the surroundings. Plastic shrinkage caused by the evaporation of water from the surface in the early stage of curing also needs to be taken into consideration.

All types of shrinkage may lead to cracking which can pose a risk for the durability of the concrete. For example, liquids and gases which can cause concrete and/or reinforcement corrosion may penetrate concrete. One example is chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion as a result of exposure to de-icing salt in the winter.

Solutions for effective shrinkage reduction

Master Builders Solutions offers a whole portfolio of products that reduce shrinkage. For example, MasterKure curing agents prevent premature drying of the surface in dry, windy or hot conditions. Fibre reinforcement with plastic fibres reduces the formation of micro-cracks in the concrete. Both solutions are therefore ideally suited to prevent the plastic shrinkage of concrete during curing.

For the effective reduction of the other two types of shrinkage, Master Builders Solutions has developed innovative admixtures in the MasterLife SRA series: They significantly reduce both the autogenous and the drying shrinkage of ready-mixed and pre-cast concrete. The other mechanical properties of the concrete are not impaired as the chemical mechanism only reduces internal capillary forces.

MasterLife SRA effective, efficient and economical

Even with a dosage of only one per cent referred to the cement weight, the highly effective liquid concrete admixture MasterLife SRA 900 reduces the shrinkage of concrete by up to 60 percent. This makes for reduced crack formation and longer service life. The admixture is compatible with a variety of different types of cement, has no impact on superplasticizer dosage and reaches class A+ in VOC emissions fur all relevant samples.

The concrete admixtures in the MasterLife SRA series and especially the new premium solution MasterLife SRA 900 are especially recommended for concrete mixtures with a high cement content, for applications under un-favorable weather conditions including heat, wind and sunlight, and for elements with large cross sections.

The admixtures are suitable both for ready-mixed concrete and for the production of pre-cast and pre-stressed elements. The end product is high-quality, durable concrete, for example for facade cladding, structures subject to hydraulic stress, road surfaces and all applications where minimum crack formation and wide joint spacing are required.

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