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Revolutionizing the industry with a game-changing intelligent cluster system (ICS) technology, designed to simplify the production of low-clinker concrete and reduce carbon emissions

The construction industry is in a state of rapid transformation. With escalating cement prices, increased CO2 costs, and the urgent need to reduce global carbon emissions, low-clinker concretes are becoming a key contributor to more sustainable construction practices, although they are not without their own challenges.

In response to these pressing issues, Master Builders Solutions® is proud to introduce MasterCO2re, an innovative product range for the ready-mix, precast, and manufactured concrete products (MCP) industry in Europe. This groundbreaking superplasticizer technology offers the perfect solution to the performance issues associated with low-clinker concrete and helps simplify customers’ challenges and sustainable journeys.

The Need for Change: Low-clinker Concrete

Clinker reduction has become a necessary measure in the concrete industry: cement clinker accounts for around 10% of the volume but contributes up to 90% to the CO2 emissions of concrete. In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, Europe recently introduced new cement types with less clinker and higher amounts of limestone and supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs). Utilizing these low-clinker cements in concrete production is the first way to reduce significant amounts of CO2 emissions. The reduction of the clinker content in the concrete can also be achieved by further reducing the dosage of the conventional cement or by replacing a significant portion of cement with SCMs.  

However, despite their environmental benefits, producing low-clinker concrete presents well-documented challenges in terms of concrete performance, affecting workability, strength, and achieving the desired water-to-cement ratio. Admixtures are essential to overcoming these obstacles, and this is where the superplasticizer MasterCO2re, comes into play.

MasterCO2re™: The Game-Changer for Low-clinker Concrete

Master Builders Solutions® has developed MasterCO2re, a cutting-edge technology that simplifies the use of low-clinker mixes for robust concrete production. This new superplasticizer technology is one of our key contributions to overcoming the current challenges related to CO2 reduction in concrete. 

MasaterCO2re Low-clinker Concrete Production

With MasterCO2re, we offer a unique admixture solution that supports the production and use of low-clinker concrete, providing improved workability retention, advanced rheology, and excellent strength properties. Our technology enables the performance gaps between low-clinker concretes and standard concrete mixes to be overcome, ensuring that sustainable construction does not compromise on quality.

The benefits of MasterCO2re:

  • Extended workability retention and advanced rheology for easy pumping and placing of concrete.
  • Reliable achievement of the desired water-cement ratios and early and late strengths to ensure durability
  • Robust concrete production that is resistant to segregation and material variations.
  • Seamless transition from traditional cements to more sustainable cement types without compromising quality.
  • Suitable for all ready-mix, precast, and manufactured concrete production applications.
  • Supports sustainable construction in an economically viable way.

An Intelligent Cluster System That Sets New Standards

Master Builders Solutions® has a long-standing commitment to driving innovation in the construction industry. We continuously strive to develop advanced products and solutions that tackle industry challenges and contribute to sustainable development. 


MasterCO2re forms an intelligent cluster system (ICS) that immediately releases a portion of its freely available engineered polymers for initial water reduction. The finely tuned chemical structures of the diverse clusters optimize both workability retention and cement hydration by adapting the release mechanism of polymers to the characteristics of the cement matrix. In this way, MasterCO2re successfully controls the absorption rate and ensures consistently high performance of the concrete.

MasterCO2re thus combines the performance of fluidification and high early strengths with superior rheology and extended workability retention in a single intelligent solution. This new technology provides the perfect choice for stable concrete performance in challenging low-clinker applications, paving the way for a more responsible future in the construction industry.

View our brief video explainer on MasterCO2re:

At Master Builders Solutions, we are committed to driving the adoption of sustainable construction practices with the launch of MasterCO2re. This innovative product range for the concrete industry offers a viable solution to the challenges of low-clinker concrete, ensuring that concrete production remains both environmentally responsible and economically feasible. 

By embracing MasterCO2re, the construction industry can move forward confidently, knowing that high-quality, sustainable concrete is within reach.

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