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Posted by Daniela Schneider - 29 September, 2020

Cement manufacturers operate in one of the world’s toughest industries and are constantly confronted with the challenge to reduce the clinker factor, improve the quality, increase efficiency and to reduce the CO2 footprint. Grinding aids and performance enhancer from Master Builders Solutions help to overcome conflicting boundaries by improving the cement properties such as early and late strength, setting time and workability which consequently lowers the CO2 emissions.

Tough industry – a tough challenge


All around the world the construction boom is in full progress and megatrends like growing cities are giving rise to new skyscrapers, streets and housing estates. The tremendous demand for concrete for the construction industry leads to an increasing cement consumption and consequently high CO2 emissions. The cement production accounts for circa 8% of the CO2 emissions worldwide. The reduced number of emission certificates allocated free of charge, the constantly rising CO2 price level and of course the general pressure of cutting emissions are stimulating the cement industry to continuously improve their operational efficiency while at the same time complying with required quality standards and external regulations.

MasterCem Performance Enhancer – get the most out of your cement production

Greater efficiency, smaller ecological footprint, higher performance and low safety impact - adding performance enhancer to the cement grinding process with classic tube and vertical roller mills (VM) offers many advantages. With MasterCem of Master Builders Solutions, less energy for the grinding process is required which saves costs and reduces CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the integration of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and mineral fillers is also easier.


The comprehensive MasterCem Grinding Aid (GA 1000er series) range meets the needs of cement producers and helps to increase production efficiency. There is a higher mill throughput and less clogging of the materials due to the greater cement fluidity. In addition, the efficiency of grinding media and separators can be increased. The improved cement power fluidity allows easy storage and loading resulting in decreased plant downtime and lower maintenance cycles.

A key contribution to sustainable development is the reduced amount of clinker required. Clinker production is very energy-intensive which not only causes immense costs but also affects the environment negatively due to the high amount of CO2 released by the burning and calcining process. Furthermore, the more efficient use of existing quarries extends the quarry lifespan and conserves natural resources.

In terms of product quality, the performance enhancer e.g. MasterCem ES (2000er series), LS (3000er series) or VM (7000er series) product range from Master Builders Solutions can also make a valuable contribution to the cement performance. It allows to produce cement with greater early and late-age compressive strength potential, improved rheology and on top compensates the disadvantages of the dilution of clinker with less reactive SCMs and mineral fillers.   

With our MasterCem product range we are helping cement producers to be ahead of competition. As a leader in cement and concrete technology, our experts from Master Builders Solutions have the necessary know-how to provide leading-edge solutions that can overcome these challenges.

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