Ucrete flooring: still here for the best-selling beer

Posted by Vanja Landeck - 18 October, 2019

As Ucrete’s 50th-anniversary celebrations continue, we take a look at one project that has stood the test of time in the most challenging of environments – Magor Brewery...

What makes Ucrete such an enduringly popular choice? Well, one of the system’s key unique selling points is its resistance to aggressive chemicals, which makes it a perfect solution for food and drink facilities, including breweries. The proof of Ucrete’s performance is clear at one of the UK’s biggest breweries, which is still benefiting from original flooring installed in 1984, with new additions of Ucrete continuing to provide a solid base for success.

Magor Brewery flooringThe ultimate demanding environment

Constructed at a cost of £51 million in 1979, Magor Brewery is the largest AB InBev brewery in the UK, producing some 8% of British beer. The site covers 234,718 square metres of land in Monmouthshire, Wales, where it produces global brands including Stella Artois (the UK’s best-selling beer) and Becks on a demanding round-the-clock production schedule. In just one day, the facility can manufacture a staggering 2 million bottles, 1.8 million cans and 13 thousand kegs.

With such an intensive production schedule and strict hygiene requirements, it’s no surprise that any flooring solution needs to be hard wearing, long lasting, hygienically cleanable and able to withstand not only spilt liquids but also cleaning products throughout its life. As ever, Ucrete ticks all the boxes!

Keeping production on stream

One critical factor for Magor Brewery when specifying and installing any flooring is the ability to keep operations moving. When new extensions and new production plant are installed, rapid installation of Ucrete flooring onto early age concrete helps get areas into service as quickly as possible.

Using Ucrete has proved to be such a long-standing solution as installations can be put into service very rapidly, reducing delay and, therefore, costs.The high-volume production schedule means that it would be cost-prohibitive for AB InBev to shut down production for floor repairs or renovations.

As the site’s Project Engineer Bill Longland explained: “The kegging hall is running three shifts a day filling up to 1000 kegs per hour. You can see how congested with machinery the whole plant is, and can imagine the huge cost in lost production and logistics that a full refurbishment of this floor would entail.”

Ucrete brewery resistant flooringThe original system for long-term performance

Way back in 1984, over 2,000 square metres of Ucrete UD200 was installed in Magor Brewery’s kegging hall, having been chosen thanks to its track record for being durable and safe underfoot. Today, 35 years on, this vintage floor is still going strong.

In such a demanding environment, Ucrete’s outstanding performance can be attributed to its chemical resistance to the substances that are always present in the brewing industry: beer, sugar, high-dose cleaning chemicals and discharges of hot water.

Ucrete’s impact resistance has also been a key factor in its longevity, as it continues to withstand the shock of kegs falling on the floor, time after time. With Ucrete, there is no drop in hygiene over the years, either, as flooring remains as cleanable as stainless steel throughout its life – vital with ever-changing regulations.

The original, and still the best

To this day, Magor Brewery continues to use Ucrete UD200 and Ucrete UD200 SR for new installations throughout its factory, a testament to the outstanding performance of the original 35-year-old flooring. As we raise a glass to Ucrete’s 50th birthday, customers like Magor Brewery can look forward to reaching their own half-century too, as their flooring continues to deliver over the decades. It’s an achievement to celebrate – cheers!

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