Ucrete CS, the color-stable industrial floor you’ve been waiting for

Posted by Vanja Landeck - 29 June, 2020

Ucrete hygienic, heavy-duty flooring systems from Master Builders Solutions are renowned for delivering whole-life cost benefits, making them a durable and sustainable choice for facilities where high performance is essential under demanding conditions. But sometimes aesthetics are a priority too, and now the wait for a color-stable option is over!

Ucrete flooring systems are designed to meet the most demanding physical and chemical resistance needs in industrial environments. They have an unrivalled track record of more than 50 years with bluechip companies worldwide. With the launch of the innovative Ucrete CS, heavy-duty color stable flooring, we bring the market a solution that offers all of the outstanding Ucrete performance characteristics with added color-stability and enhanced aesthetics.


Ucrete CS in action

The new color-stable Ucrete CS system is now being rolled out across many European countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia.

A major brewery is the location of one of the first applications. Over 1,500 m² of Ucrete CS has been installed at Heineken’s world-class operation in Manchester, United Kingdom. The color-stable solution allowed for a light grey floor to be installed in the brightly lit modern facility without any compromise on longevity.

The same winning formula – with color stability

As important as visual appeal can be, ensuring that a flooring system maintains its pristine appearance in a production facility is a big ask. For many years, it has even been an unrealistic expectation.

Ucrete has long been the number 1 choice with clients – but sometimes other floor coverings are selected where aesthetics has been particularly important, despite the loss in physical performance. Naturally, if you’re taking visitors through a facility, you want it to look as visually impressive as possible – a tough challenge when punishing manufacturing processes are constantly putting the flooring to the test.

Ucrete CS applicationAdding color stability to the winning Ucrete formula is a welcome innovation for any facility with flooring areas where aesthetics are particularly important. Being able to ensure that the color of the floor resists chemical staining and ultraviolet light discolouration is crucial to delivering a long-term, good-looking, high-performance floor. Ucrete CS is designed to live up to both the expectations of harsh industrial environments and the visual requirement of discerning customers.

As a result of the introduction of our Ucrete CS systems, Ucrete can be extended into even more areas for an attractive, seamless finish that will stand the test of time. Moreover, with an extended color range of pastel shades, the design possibilities open up even further.

An easy choice for specifiers

Thanks to the step-change that Ucrete CS offers, the potential issue of fading, staining or yellowing has been tackled head-on. This makes the choice much simpler for specifiers when weighing up the advantages of a seamless Ucrete floor against more joint-heavy and energy-intensive alternatives such as tiling. The more joints, the greater the chance that dirt and bacteria can be harboured – avoiding this unnecessary risk is one of the key reasons for choosing a seamless system such as Ucrete in food production facilities.

If you’ve been waiting for a safe, functional floor with high grip and slip resistance that will look as good tomorrow as today, find out more about what makes Ucrete CS so special here.

General information about Ucrete industrial flooring can be found here.

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