Top Summer 2022 reads. What do the experts say?

Posted by Albert Berenguel - 19 July, 2022

Behind projects and products there are always human stories; people who created their own companies and, with effort, passion, and sometimes even suffering, grew them to become leaders in their specialist fields. Companies that, in some cases, have already passed from parent to child, with the second generation now facing the new challenges of construction.


Summer is finally here! Temperatures are rising and we are all looking forward to some holiday time. Whether relaxing on the beach or climbing a mountain, why not take a little time to top up on knowledge – as well as the tan?

We at Master Builders Solutions have compiled some interesting reads for your vacation. This time our selection of stories is not about products or technologies, but about people, their histories and experiences. We salute them all and hope that the interviews we have compiled will inspire and inform you. Please leave us a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions.



During the first half of 2022 we interviewed some experts in waterproofing to learn about their experiences and to celebrate our waterproofing expertise which stretches back over 100 years, when. Master Builders Inc was founded in Cleveland in 1909 and Standard Dry Wall Products began trading in Pennsylvania in 1912.

Some of the oldest users of Master Builders Solutions products talked to us for these interviews in which they reflect on how the construction industry has changed over the past 30 or 40 years – and on what has stayed the same.

Interview with Manuel Díaz - AZUL CONSTRUCCIÓN REPAIR (Spain)

Interview with Stratis Goneos - founder of STRATIS GONEOS S.A. (Greece)

Interview with Paolo Mion, MION Srl. (Italy)

Interview with Federico Stella - TPA Srl. (Italy)

Interview with Mike Pauwels - PEC International. (Belgium)

Manuel Diaz Stratis Goneos and Tatiana Goneou Stella Antonio e Federico Mike Pauwels



In 2021, we talked to recognized experts about caring for aging infrastructure

Ippolito GiuseppeStructures built in the 1960s and 1970s have been exposed not only to different levels of loads but also to several environmental factors that can cause degradation. Their safety is raising concerns in our society, which have increased due to incidents such as the collapse of the Polcevera bridge in Genoa, Italy, in 2018, and the recent collapse of the Champlain Towers South apartment building in Miami, Florida, in the US on 24 June 2021.

To investigate the challenges and opportunities that existing concrete structures present, and to provide insight into concrete preservation measures, Master Builders Solutions interviewed Giuseppe Ippolito (TEIP) from Italy.

Interview with Giuseppe Ippolito, Tecnologie Edili e Industriali in Progress S.r.l. (TEIP)



Talking about Antistatic and ESD floors

In 2021 we also collected the insights from Amador Tolosa and Luis Tolosa, (Plásticos Tolosa S.A) and Eloy Urbón (TVMAC) both from Spain and Claude Tantet, (Géo Résine de l’Est) from France about antistatic floors used in industrial plants.

Collectively, the three companies have more than 100 years of experience, with extraordinary track records in the application of resin materials, composites, waterproofing membranes and industrial floors with resin-based products, but all of them could remember their first application with antistatic floors carried out more than 20 years ago.

Antistatic and ESD floors - What do the experts say?

Claude Tantet Eloy Urbon AmadorTolosa Luis Tolosa



MasterSeal P 770, a primer for all seasons

PolyflexAnd finally, the first of this series of “What do the experts say?” interviews came in 2020, talking about MasterSeal P 770, one of our star products which is based on Xolutec technology, with Ritva Suuriniemi, (URETEK-Elastomer Oy) from Finland, Paul Terente (Aplinor Xpraytech Systems S.L) from Spain, and Fabio Cosentino (Polyflex S.R.L) from Sicily in Italy.

Working in three completely different climates (cold, humid, and hot), all three companies talked about the benefits of using MasterSeal P 770.

MasterSeal P 770: Xolutec® primer applied in various weather conditions - what do the experts say?



Looking towards the future

Every day, experts from different regions, climates and cultures in Europe combine the outstanding technology of Master Builders Solutions products with their own excellence in application to ensure the best outcomes from their repair, protection and waterproofing projects.

These stories illustrate how knowledge and experience help these companies to face the challenges of new technologies and, at the same time, how important it is to care for their customers, maintaining the close personal relationships that have been a vital component of their long-term success. We hope that you enjoy reading them.



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