Top summer reads for construction industry experts - Part 2

Posted by Carmen Schick - 02 July, 2021

Trends and digital tools

Do you know this craving for reading a book or catching up on some articles as soon as the summer holidays arrive? During those few weeks off work many of us will spend time relaxing, and now is the best time to let your mind wander and indulge in unknown. We at Master Builders Solutions are fond of learning about the latest developments and technologies in the construction industry, and we thought some of you might, too. Therefore, we have collected the top recommendations from our teams for you to enjoy during your vacation.

Have fun browsing through them, and please leave us a comment in case you have a good recommendation for us!

Sustainable construction

It’s at the core of Master Builders Solutions to help customers overcome environmental challenges on construction sites and to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Read up how our solutions achieve sustainable benefits in several projects, and which specific solutions can lower the carbon footprint of buildings and concrete structures:

What is more: Master Builders Solutions has already delivered quantified sustainable benefits to many customers, read up on these cases here.

Digitalization in the construction industry

Welcome to the new era of digital construction! Digitalization has found its way into the construction industry to facilitate the way we design, build, and operate buildings today. We at Master Builders Solutions have been on the forefront ever since, with many tools that support you along all project phases. In the below linked article you can get an overview of our digital construction systems portfolio, more details on selected tools can be found in the following sections.

BIM – Building Information Modeling

Due to a rapid digitalization, virtual design and construction tools are transforming conventional computer aided design software. BIM data can digitally connect the construction, operation and maintenance of a structure with its design phase, making it possible to create a digital twin of the actual building and physical infrastructures.

Learn how to profit from Master Builders Solutions BIM tools in our selected references:

Design and specification with Online Planning Tool

As explained above, BIM data facilitate the design phase of a project and are therefore required by architects and designers. But before a project can be started all products and details have to be specified. Master Builders Solutions makes specification very easy with Online Planning Tool (OPT), a digital tool which allows you to create project specifications in only three steps. Follow the links below to learn more how OPT can make your life easier.

So, we hope you enjoyed the recommendations of the Master Builders Solutions teams, do you have any tips for us?

In case you are interested in more technical know-how, take a look at the first part of this blog:
Top summer reads for construction industry experts: waterproofing, concrete repair, industrial flooring

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