Top summer reads for construction industry experts - Part 1

Posted by Carmen Schick - 24 June, 2021

Waterproofing, concrete repair and industrial flooring

With the rising temperatures we are all looking forward to some holiday time. Whether relaxing on the beach or climbing a mountain, most of us also want to find some time to read a book that has been recommended by a friend to broaden our knowledge in a specific field.

For all our construction experts out there, we at Master Builders Solutions compiled some interesting reads for your vacation. In just a few minutes you can broaden your knowledge in waterproofing of concrete structures, learn more about concrete repair or take a deep dive into the requirements of industrial floors, without carrying a heavy book around with you.

Have fun browsing through our top picks and please leave us a comment in case you have any recommendations!

Construction insights

For those of you who would just like to get familiar with the materials or  catch up on some basics of the construction industry, we recommend the following web articles:


Waterproofing concrete can make concrete structures resistant to water, while at the same time increasing durability and service life. If you are just starting to learn about the benefits of waterproofing, this is what we would recommend:

But a waterproofing membrane can do more than simply stop water leaks – read up interesting facts about the permeability of waterproofing and protection membranes to gases like radon, methane and carbon dioxide.

Industrial Flooring

Industrial floors have to cope with a variety of harsh demands – chemicals, antistatics or crack-bridging properties are just few of them. Learn more about how our MasterTop and Ucrete flooring solutions tackle those challenges and ensure a safe working environment in a selection of our articles:

A new trending topic in our smart world is the demand for antistatic and ESD protective flooring in various industries. Read more about the importance of conductive flooring and how Master Builders Solutions solve the challenge of antistatic and electrostatic discharge here.

Aging infrastructure & Concrete refurbishment

All buildings and concrete structures have a life cycle, which means at some point in time they require repair or refurbishment to continue service. With respect to sustainability, it is ecologically and economically more efficient to refurbish aging concrete structures with innovative technologies than to deconstruct them. Have a look at our solutions and success stories in the following articles:

We hope that you enjoy reading our articles! In case you wish to learn more, the Master Builders Solutions experts regularly posts about new topics, so sign up to get a notification about new blogs and articles!

And in case you are interested in industry trends, we recommend the second part of this blog:
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