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Posted by Eric Boullenois - 15 October, 2018

Find the best solution for your application and the right product for your project – easily, quickly and from anywhere. With Solunaut online solution-finder, Master Builders Solutions provides you with the tool to do just that.

Various studies and surveys clearly point to the fact that selecting the right products and ensuring their professional application has tremendous impact on the risks involved in construction projects: Errors at this stage may lead to a significant increase in costs and can quickly derail construction schedules. Additional consequences may include earlier and more frequent maintenance work, which, again, is bound to cause additional costs.   

Supported by digital technology 

Easy access to factually relevant data would be of great help here – similar to what we have grown accustomed to across our everyday and workplace activities: Today, we utilize digital technologies to our advantage constantly and without thinking twice about it. Solunaut provides exactly that: substantial user benefits – straightforward and without any unnecessary bells and whistles. “Our tool is easy to use – anytime and across all end devices”, stresses Eric Boullenois, Global Segment Manager Waterproofing and Flooring at Master Builders Solutions. “The goal was to make all relevant information available in a concise, structured way and make it accessible by a few intuitive clicks easily, quickly and from anywhere.”

A detailed overview - available anytime and from anywhere

Compatible with desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, Solunaut is a reliable, online solution-finder that covers all aspects of industrial construction projects. Solunaut supports the construction professionals when looking for the best solution from the vast Master Builders Solutions portfolio, with a particular emphasis on the food-and-beverage, chemical, and wastewater-engineering industries. A key feature is the specific way the tool organizes and displays information: Solunaut provides a comprehensive overview of possible application areas and solutions – broad and detailed at the same time and at a glance.

Supporting effective risk management

solunaut the future citySuccessfully managing your construction project involves the ability to understand and effectively mitigate risks. Two factors are crucial in this respect: choice of contractor and choice of construction materials. Master Builders Solutions by MBCC Group takes the approach that good products are only half the solution: A reliable and competent partner is also needed to apply the products correctly and thus minimize the risks. Master Builders Solutions recommend certified partners who have the knowledge and experience necessary for your project.


Industry-specific information for various applications

Constantly aware of the most diverse areas for potential construction projects, Solunaut is a particularly fast and convenient tool to use: In only four steps, Solunaut takes the user from general information to the most suitable solution for any specific set of requirements. After choosing the chemical industry as a starting point, for example, Solunaut will guide the user from an overview of industry-specific application areas to the most appropriate solution in four clicks: from, for instance, secondary containment systems to, among other products, MasterSeal 7000 CR for the quick, efficient and durable protection and waterproofing of concrete surfaces and structures in highly demanding environments, as well as other suitable, requirement-specific solutions.


The optimal solution combines product and application

Choosing the most suitable product for a project is a first step in avoiding potential risks. Another important step is choosing the right partner: Without professional application, even the best product cannot perform to its full potential. Hence, the optimal solution is always a combination of the right material and a competent applicator. This is why the experts from Master Builders Solutions provide support not only in finding the best product for each requirement with Solunaut or the Free On-Site Survey, but also recommend reliable application partners from a wide network of construction professionals.


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