Straightforward refurbishment of the Selzthaltunnel due to MasterSeal 345

Posted by Regina Pohl - 03 June, 2019

Travellers all over the world reach their destination within shorter travelling times due to the use of tunnels. However, refurbishing a tunnel is a challenging project, it often has to be accomplished within strong regulations.

Recently, Master Builders Solutions took part in one of these challenging projects: the refurbishment of the Selzthaltunnel in Austria.

The Selzthaltunnel is a double-tuSelzthaltunnelbe motorway tunnel on the A9 Pyhrn Autobahn near Selzthal in Austria. The about 1000 m long west tunnel was built at the end of the 1970s and the east tunnel at the end of the 1990s. Today, after approximately 40 years of operation, the twin motorway needed refurbishment.

The renovation included retaining the required minimum clearance while also accommodating additional waterproofing and secondary concrete lining. Because of this challenge, owner and project stakeholders opted for implementation of a spray-applied double bonded waterproofing solution with MasterSeal 345.

Key benefits and procedure

MasterSeal 345 is a spray-applied waterproofing membrane, providing minimal installation effort and straightforward application even on complex geometries. It creates high yield and coverage as well as a composite lining design thanks to the double bonding property.

The Refurbishment with MasterSeal 345 first involved a planning phase as well as the cleaning of concrete surface and cutting and supplication of drainage. After that the MasterSeal 345 waterproofing membrane was applied and a concrete secondary lining with a 10-centimeter thickness could be reinforced. Finishing the project, all owner and project-stakeholder requirements could be fully met.

Summarizing, MasterSeal 345 made complete removal and replacement of the tunnel lining unnecessary. The double bonding properties facilitated a reduction of the thickness of the secondary lining to retain the required minimum clearance.

Selzthaltunnel_MasterSeal 345

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