Refurbishment and protection of busy viaduct in the Czech Republic

Posted by Albert Berenguel - 06 September, 2021

Bridges, roads or viaducts are exposed to demanding conditions daily – heavy vehicles crossing the infrastructure bring the architecture to its limit of load-bearing capacity and influence its aging process. Modern concrete buildings and structures, most times built with steel in reinforced concrete, are said to last up to 50 years – as already explained in our blog article “The urgency of aging infrastructure in our smart and urbanized world”, hence there is a huge need to refurbish and protect structures that were built in the mid-last century as many of those are either in poor conditions or with high risk of deteriorating. Through preventive protection solutions and pro-active maintenance, though, one can reduce such risks and further achieve quantified sustainable benefits in the long-term.

Master Builders Solutions actively supports in maintaining the safeness of structures. A success story can be seen in the refurbishment and protection of a viaduct in Ostrava, the third-largest city of the Czech Republic. To extend the service life of the busy concrete bridge in 2020, the challenge was to restore the superstructure of the highway, including waterproofing the top side of the deck to enhance rebar protection and reduce further maintenance needs.

Elevated Road, Ostrava 2Additionally, the overhead part of the superstructure had a very low concrete cover and required protection to avoid premature corrosion of the reinforcement. This background called for the combination of different products with specific properties, applied by an expert local contractor to ensure a solution with optimum performance.

Following a detailed situational analysis of the specific requirements, our solution compromised a complete restoration of the structure to extend the service life, protecting it against carbonation and water penetration. In accordance with EN 1504 standard, the first task was to prepare the substrate, remove all delaminated concrete and clean the exposed rebars manually to remove existing rust and oxide. With our high-quality concrete repair series MasterEmaco, the foundation for a structural repair was created: the multi-use active reinforcement primer MasterEmaco P 5000 AP was used as a rebar corrosion protection and MasterEmaco S 488 as a thixotropic structural repair mortar.

Elevated Road, Ostrava 3With the final application of our highlight product MasterSeal 6100 FX, a single-component elastic waterproofing membrane, the protection against water and carbonation was increased and gave the road a concrete-like aesthetic finish, similar to the original colour and texture. Overall, 20.000m² total area were waterproofed and protected. This approach also provided quantified sustainable benefits: compared to other traditional cementitious two-component waterproofing membranes, MasterSeal 6100 FX saved approximately 30 tonnes of traditional waterproofing products. This low consumption of material thus reduces the environmental impact and brings significant cost savings. Discover more about the eco-efficiency of MasterSeal 6100 FX and further sustainable success stories here.

Additionally, for a long-lasting protection, new concrete sidewalks were processed with the one-coat water repellent MasterProtect H 303 and joints were sealed with the single component polyurethane-based sealant MasterSeal NP 474. The solution was rounded up with the application of MasterTop 603 on the concrete bridge deck prior to the installation of the waterproofing system with bituminous sheets

Overall, with this complete solution covering concrete repair, protection and waterproofing, Master Builders Solutions armed the viaduct for the future to come and pro-actively extended the service life of the structure with sustainable benefits.

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