No need for back-ups with the digital tools of Master Builders Solutions

Posted by Carmen Schick - 30 March, 2021

Happy World Back-Up Day! Every year on 31 March we are reminded of the necessity to ensure our private data is stored on a safe platform so we can access them anytime and anywhere. But does that also refer to the data we use in our work life?

In the construction industry the level of tech savviness has increased over the years, making digital tools very popular. Some have even set a new standard, like Building Information Modelling (BIM) for virtual design.

Data are required along all phases of a construction project. During the design phase of a construction project, for example, the proper plan for the construction must be designed based on the involved objects. Therefore, project designers are in need of all relevant product information, technical as well as visual.

With our vast experience in the construction industry for more than 100 years we at Master Builders Solutions have been on the forefront of solving challenges for our customers. Consequently, we offer various digital support along all phases of your project:

  • Master-Builders-Solutions_Digital tools_SolunautFor the initial search we recommend Solunaut, our solution finder for the construction industry. It guides you from the industry overview via the related applications to the solutions that will solve your challenge. From there you can dive deeper into the technical details or connect with one of our colleagues nearby.
  • We all know a proper planning facilitates the construction phase. To define all required solutions, our Online Planning Tool (OPT) is the ideal tool: in only 3 steps you can choose the industry scenario, define the solution you are lookingMaster-Builders-Solutions_Online-Planning-Tool_Home screen for and download a customized specification report including BIM objects, certificates and all product related documentation. Furthermore, you can save your projects and connect with one of our colleagues for further assistance.
  • As an experienced partner, you probably have preferred products in mind, but need the technical data. These data are usually included in technical data sheets, declaration of performance or application manuals. In addition to the Master Builders Solutions website you can easily access this information using our Product Finder app – available for free download in the App and Google Store.
  • BIM data are mostly used during the design phase of a project, but there is more: depending on the amount of content of the object the data can be used to create a digital twin of a building. This unlocks the full potential of BIM as a support along the complete building life cycle.
  • Interested in projects of the water management industry? We already solved many challenges of our customers, and we are happy to tell you about them. Have a look at our Water Management Industry reference database! From water tanks to waste water treatment plants, Master Builders Solutions offer the right choice for any kind of water industry application.
  • Looking for trends in the construction industry or inspiration for solving a construction challenge? Check out our Master Builders Solutions Construction Blog, a platform with lots of information about projects, solutions or industry trends. You can learn about the challenges of electrostatic discharge, the rising demand for sustainable buildings or why concrete cracks.

All these digital tools support you with your projects. In contrast to your personal data, however, you do not have to worry about back-ups: we ensure that all information of our digital offering is properly saved. Check out our digital tools to experience how they make your life easier!

Topics: Construction Project Planning, Digital

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