MasterProtect 9000: Extra protection for offshore wind turbine foundations

Posted by Eric Boullenois - 13 December, 2019

MasterProtect 9000 is a new highly durable coating system for offshore and marine structures developed by the Master Builders Solutions laboratory experts during several years of research.


MasterProtect 9000 is based on a hard wearing high-build hydrophobic PU membrane which ensures 25 years of maintenance-free protection in particular for two main critical areas of the offshore structure, the splash zone and the submerged part of the foundations. In addition to that the key benefits of the system are the following:

  • hydrophobic properties – to protect the steel structure from the aggressive impact of seawater;
  • chemical and mechanical resistance - to withstand severe attack by waves, abrasion and impacts from boat landings, especially affecting the splash zone;
  • high flexibility – to ensure that the barrier will not crack and will keep its integrity even after years of weathering, impact and vibrations.

The combination of all these properties results in a consistent, reliable and highly durable protection against steel corrosion.

Furthermore, MasterProtect 9000 helps in significantly reducing overall costs of a project by providing added value during the entire life time of the windfarm. MasterProtect 9000 applied to the entire structure will further allow to design with lower corrosion allowance and thus thinner steel structures. During the service life of the offshore structures of typically 25 years, maintenance costs are strongly reduced due to the higher durability of MasterProtect 9000 over traditional epoxy coating systems.

MasterProtect 9000 considerably reduces the application time and cost, allowing application of the full system in just one day. The rate at which the offshore jackets are manufactured in series is strongly dependent on the application of the coating system. The fast curing times of the individual components of MasterProtect 9000 allow for a considerable increase in output of foundations structures during production.

The system has been tested by the accredited independent Fraunhofer institute in accordance with the international standards NORSOK M-501 & ISO 20340. Successful testing and certification have laid the foundations for recognition by classification and insurance bodies and acceptance by the offshore market.



MasterProtect 9000 has been recently introduced to the market in occasion of a launch event that took place on November 6-7, 2019 in Bremen, Germany. During the two-day event, a large group of customers and key players in the global wind industry attended presentations and live demonstrations showing great interest in the first-class performance of the system.

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