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Posted by Vanja Landeck - 30 January, 2020

Decorative flooring from Master Builders Solutions has numerous applications, providing attractive floor surfaces for a diverse range of facilities, from nurseries, schools and universities to hospitals, care homes and public buildings.

Our MasterTop flooring systems are extremely versatile, being built up layer by layer to match the exact requirements of each specification. Thanks to its high durability, MasterTop is also an economical option that will last many years, adapting to changes in a building’s use over time.

So what can you expect from our decorative floors? There are many advantages, including:

  • Most sustainable seamless flooring range
  • Seamless and safe flooring
  • High chemical, mechanical and temperature resistance
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Options of antibacterial and antistatic properties

With so many qualities to recommend it, a MasterTop floor is a high-performance aesthetic choice that creates a completely different visual statement to a tiled surface.

Built-up system

1326MasterTop seamless flooring systems add performance to your building, protecting structural concrete constructions by adding performance and design. Starting from 3 mm, MasterTop  flooring systems are an optimum performer with a lifecycle of 50 years. Due to its highscore for BRE sustainability performance, MasterTop is proved to be a durable and sustainable floor for new builds and refurbishments.

Using a liquid application there is no waste and every detail on the floor or wall can be covered. Any RAL or NCS color can be used to create a creative design or add to a holistic concept.

International environmental excellence

MasterTop has gained a reputation for being an ecologically advantageous choice. The systems in our decorative flooring range are A+ listed for different specifications in the Building Research Establishment (BRE)’s renowned Green Guide, which advises designers and specifiers on the best environmental options when selecting products and systems. Other international environmental achievements include: low emissions in accordance with AgBB; AFSSET A+ rating; DGNB Navigator Label; and LEED Letters rating.

The MasterTop range has been carefully devised to meet designers’ needs based on both application requirements and visual impact. Here is a quick overview of each system’s key features and benefits...

MasterTop 1324

MasterTop 1324 is a byword for high performance when it comes to decorative polyurethane floors. Whether it’s withstanding high levels of foot traffic, dirt, liquid spills or heavy impacts, this hard-wearing floor can rise to the challenge while keeping its good looks. When you need a safe, durable and colourful surface, MasterTop 1324 is a natural choice.

MasterTop 1325

For contemporary style combined with quietness and comfort underfoot, MasterTop 1325 offers fantastic performance, not to mention the wear-resistance typified by the MasterTop range. This aesthetic flooring incorporates a flexible polyurethane body coat, softening the impact of footfall every step of the way. If you want to create a pleasant, attractive and clean environment, MasterTop 1325 ticks all the boxes.

MasterTop 1326

Want your floor to look like a work of art? With MasterTop 1326, you can create stunning bespoke designs – and there’s no need to stop at the floor, you can even extend your art onto the surrounding walls. As you’d expect with a MasterTop floor, this is system is durable and seamless, minimising the chance of slips and trips, and it’s just as easy to clean to a high standard of hygiene as our other floors.

MasterTop 1327

Finding a floor that looks great and feels comfortable underfoot while minimizing noisy footfall might seem like a big ask, but with MasterTop 1327 you really can have it all, making it perfect for busy areas where aesthetics, comfort and gentle acoustics are all priorities. This floor is a favourite with interior designers for all the right reasons, with no compromise on either style or practicality.

Our sound-dampening MasterTop 1327-20dB went on tour with the Architect@Work roadshow, stopping in European cities including Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Oslo, Stockholm, Paris and Kortrijk (Belgium), where architects were keen to investigate the possibilities od a seamless floor offering creative freedom and environmental certification.


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