Happy 50th, Ucrete – the world’s toughest floor since 1969

Posted by Philip Ansell - 01 March, 2019

The world’s most resilient floor from Master Builders Solutions is celebrating a major anniversary: half a century ago, the Ucrete flooring solution was patented. On its journey from custom-developed solution for installation at one’s own chemical plants to world-renowned flooring solution for the most demanding environments, Ucrete has built a strong reputation for extreme performance and durability. 2019 will be a year full of events across the world to celebrate the extraordinary achievement of Ucrete’s 50 years of excellence in flooring!

Ucrete flooring solutions, being produced and delivered globally, can be found across the world – in production facilities throughout the food-and-beverage chemical and pharmaceutical industries industry as well as in the aerospace, electronics, engineering, textile and the mining industries – wherever resistance to aggressive service conditions is required.

Wanted: a resistant, durable, straightforward solution50 years of Ucrete

The success story of the world’s toughest floor evolved from comparatively humble beginnings – namely, the search for a resilient, durable and easy-to-apply floor coating for one’s own chemical plants. “The solutions available up to that time required the substrate to be extremely dry, otherwise they would tend to delaminate relatively quickly”, says Philip Ansell, Marketing Manager, Ucrete Industrial Flooring Europe, Master Builders Solutions. “And this wasn’t – and still isn’t – such an easy thing to accomplish in chemical plants or in the food-and-beverage sector or many other industries for that matter. “

Durability saves resources and costs

Originally available in two variants – smooth and rough –, the product range has been refined and expanded and now includes more than a dozen different solutions for a wide variety of harsh environments. They all share the same superior resistance and durability. Ucrete flooring solutions are exclusively available through specialized applicators around the globe. “Correctly specified and correctly installed, the floors last for decades”, Ansell says. “In this way, we also make a stand for more sustainability; what is more wasteful than throwing a floor away after five or ten years? More and more customers are opting for the real benefits of a long-lived floor, avoiding the production downtime and cost of refurbishment or replacement. In 2018 alone, a total of more than five million square meters of floor surface were coated using Ucrete solutions.”

Undisturbed operation for decadesUcrete floor

One of the oldest Ucrete floors still in use today was installed on the premises of a brewery in Nigeria in 1982 – and is as functional now as it was then. In 1975, a large international soft-drink manufacturer furnished one of its plants in Ireland with a Ucrete solution - that was still in service when the factory was closed more than 30 years later - ever since, the company has made regular use of Ucrete floors for their plants around the world. By now, the examples from across a wide variety of industries are almost too many to count. “Our customers are well aware that they can rely on the performance and the durability of our Ucrete systems – and they want that reliability again and again.”

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