Flawless flooring for public buildings

Posted by Vanja Landeck - 29 April, 2020

In public buildings and commercial environments, flooring not only needs to impress – it must be sustainable too, while adding to sensory comfort underfoot and through pleasant acoustics. With so many demands to meet, not all flooring can make the grade. Our innovative, decorative MasterTop flooring systems have proved their performance in all kinds of settings, from busy museums and galleries to shopping arcades, corporate headquarters and more, combining an attractive appearance with durability to deliver the same high standard every day, year after year.

Sustainable credentials

Finding ways to reduce a project’s carbon footprint as far as possible is always a key priority for designers and architects.  MasterTop 1300 series floors contribute to achieving outstanding BREEAM ratings: they are listed in the British Research Establishment (BRE)’s Green Guide with A+ grade, thanks to their performance during extensive testing. From an air quality perspective, MasterTop floors are low emission, making them safe both during application and ongoing use.

Sound reduction

Aston MartinPNGIn any situation where heavy footfall is the norm, sound-reducing properties are vital to avoid unnecessary, disruptive noise. Getting the specification right is critical: the wrong flooring can have an intrusive effect on visitors’ experience in busy buildings such as museums, gyms, art galleries and libraries. MasterTop 1327 sound-deadening system can reduce vertical travelling noise by as much as 20 decibels, with no compromise on the esthetics for which MasterTop is known.

Impeccable performance – everywhere

Meeting both practical and esthetic demands is critical when seeking to create the ‘wow factor’. With MasterTop, there is no need to compromise. For example, in the UK, a prestigious Aston Martin car dealership installed the crack-bridging MasterTop 1324 system in a 3500 m2 workshop hall, achieving a flat, smooth, seamless finish, which dealt with ridges and cracks in the substrate while providing the necessary moisture tolerance for the environment. The result: a flooring surface fit for a luxury car marque, creating the right impression for customers and employees alike.

Showcasing treasures

1326 35Another great example of a tailor-made flooring solution is to be found in the Museum of London in the United Kingdom, one of the world’s biggest urban history museums. In this building, MasterTop 1324 and 1325 created the perfect setting to show off some of the capital’s treasures and historical artefacts, including the spectacular and exceedingly heavy Lord Mayor’s Coach, built in 1757 and adorned with gold. Key to the specification of the MasterTop decorative flooring range was the ability to achieve many effects from a single source while delivering a combination of high cleanability, good looks, durability and the ability to dampen noise in use.

On this £20 million project to create new galleries at the museum, both MasterTop systems were used across a total area of 2,300 m2 in a range of designs including geometric patterns, and across a variety of substrates. The flooring was able to overcome all challenges, including covering an area of 100-year-old flooring, the removal of which would have caused unnecessary damage.

Complete design flexibility

The whole MasterTop range is synonymous with innovation. Being liquid-applied, the different systems offer architects and interior designers the design freedom to create stunning visual effects, whether the desired finish is a sophisticated single shade or an exciting explosion of colors. MasterTop flooring moves beyond pure functionality, thanks to its contemporary color range. Liquid application allows the inclusion of lines and patterns to encourage the flow of foot traffic or even to incorporate designs such as corporate logos, which become a part of a durable, monolithic surface. All systems can easily negotiate complex geometries such as pillars, corners and doorways.

Ready to find out more about using MasterTop flooring in public buildings? Download our brochure here. To discuss your specific needs, you can get touch with our experts via the Master Builders Solutions website.

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