Creative and safe flooring solutions for active kindergarten kids

Posted by Elisa Sacchi - 07 June, 2018

kindergarten flooringsExplore, play, create, share and imagine. This is what keeps children at the kindergarten very busy every day, and their teachers as well! It’s while going through this process over and over again that kids develop and refine their abilities as creative thinkers. They learn to develop their own ideas, test the boundaries, experiment with alternatives, get input from others, generate new ideas based on their experiences and innovative solutions to the unexpected situations that continually arise in their lives. 

A safe, comfortable and stimulating classroom has a profound impact on the kids’ first approach to the world, contributing to make them much better thinkers and learners. In order to facilitate their skills development, the concept and design of the whole kindergarten environment needs to allow children to be active, interact and collaborate safely.


The floor: a key factor of a pleasant and stimulating learning environment

Considering that especially in kindergarten children spend possibly more time on the floor than they do on chairs, the choice of the right floor finish is one of the key factors that can contribute to the creation of a pleasant and stimulating learning environment by meeting essential decorative and functional requirements.

All flooring systems of the MasterTop 1300 series are available in a wide variety of colors that can help structure and decorate a building while creating a positive atmosphere. Our flooring systems also provide several benefits and comply to the most important requirements of any educational facility such as walking comfort, safety, sustainability, noise reduction, long service life and ease of cleaning.

Safe and environmentally friendly: an important competitive advantage

In the eyes of parents any educational facility - starting from the kindergartens - can’t be completely safe for their kids if not also environmentally friendly. In fact, adopting good environmental practices gives an important competitive advantage, being for parents one of the most important criteria in selecting the school for their children.

All flooring systems of the MasterTop 1300 series are sustainable from raw material production to disposal. Independent analysis confirm that many products are non-solvented, have low emissions and feature a high proportion of renewable raw materials. All MasterTop flooring products are granted the DGNB Navigator Label, meet the strict requirements of AgBB (German Committee for the Health Assessment of Construction Products) criteria and systems of the MasterTop 1300 series are also A+ listed for different specifications in the Building Research Establishment (BRE)’s Green Guide. They also meet several specific regulations at Country level.

MasterTop 1300 series - some of our best project references

MasterTop 1300 is a resin based flooring series combining high walking comfort and sustainability, available in wide variety of colours. It is especially suitable for education facilities thanks to its hygienic and noise-reduction properties in some systems up to 20dB. Products of the MasterTop 1300 are successfully applied since many years in several educational facilities, in new buildings as well as in renovation projects; below some of the more representative project references.

flooring kindergarten france

France – In 2015 the kindergarten ‘Centre d’accueil et de loisirs pour la petite enfance’ in Ville de Domont needed to be extended.
Several rooms needed a new floor: the main playroom of 140m², a dormitory, a cloakroom, a storage and the restrooms. The requirements for this projects were to create an environmentally friendly and inspiring environment where young kids could play in total safety and comfort.
For this project was selected MasterTop 1325 REG, as it combines all these features, complies with the French VOC regulations with the top-grade rating of A+, meets the CSTB requirements and exhibits a technical approval (UPEC classification).

flooring kindergarten denmark

Denmark – In 2013 the doors opened to a whole new section of the International School of Ikast-Brande, including school, pre-school and after-school centre. The main requirements for the flooring solutions for this project were to contribute to a pleasant room acoustics, to be sustainable and durable being a highly frequented environment.
The product selected was MasterTop 1327C as it reduces radically footfall noise, is very comfortable for walking and sitting, it has an impressive long life service - up to 40 years – it’s easy to clean thanks to the seamless application therefore minimizes cleaning and maintenance costs. In addition, MasterTop 1327C is certified to the stringent requirements for low VOC emissions found in German AgBB and French AFSSET and achieved the top-grade rating of A+ classification in French and Finnish regulations for emission classes.

flooring kindergarten spain

Spain – In 2011 was finalized the construction of the kindergarten ‘Haurreskola in Urduliz. The intent of the architects was to establish a strong relation between exterior and interior, to make the building interact with the rural landscape in the surroundings of the facility and to set up a very light and welcoming environment for kids up to 3 years.
To ensure little kinds the possibility to explore the whole environment in safety, all materials selected for this project had to be environmentally friendly and to allow their freedom in the use of the space all rooms of the building have been designed with minimum barriers.
MasterTop 1325 is the flooring solution that made this all possible.


flooring kindergarten belgium

Belgium - In 2006 was completed the renovation of the kindergarten Duimelot. The floor was in very bad conditions and needed to bereplaced. The expectation and challenge for the new flooring solution was to satisfy both decorative and functional requirements. It had to be available in several bright colors to match the decorations on the walls so to create a whole inspiring and playful environment for children, being at the same time comfortable for them to sit and walk all day long.
On the technical side the new floor was requested to integrate and maximize the performance of the underfloor heating system, and also to be highly hygienic and easy to clean. The perfect solution for all these needs was MasterTop 1325.


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