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Posted by Albert Berenguel - 18 July, 2019

BIM-body-530Building Information Modelling (BIM) offers several advantages to architecture and engineering professionals, amongst which the possibility to plan, design, and manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently by creating a 3D virtual structure and visualizing it with all its characteristics before building on the construction site.

The power of BIM is that all materials that will be used in the construction site will be perfectly defined including not only the 3D information of each product, but also its technical characteristics, maintenance and even costs.

This is why BIM further allows construction professionals to work on a digitalized site and to connect all project information from design to construction including the required characteristics and performance of the materials and components.

But often, the availability of a huge amount of information and multiple choices makes the decision process more complex and therefore identifying the the right products and technologies for a specific project is not easy and straightforward.

On the internet there are public libraries, like BIMObject, the NBS National BIM library and BIMsmith Market, which offer product related BIM objects and provide filtering options to help professionals in their search. However, the amount of information is often so great that even after some clicks the number and diversity of possible solutions remain still vast. The quantity becomes the enemy of precision. 

OPT: manage your project specifications in an easy, fast and smart way

Online Planning Tool by Master Builders Solutions helps to overcome the information overload issue. OPT is an innovative specification tool designed to support construction professionals to find the right solutions for their projects in a safe, fast and efficient way, and to download the relevant BIM objects directly without the need of surfing through several databases. It was launched in 2016 and is available in most European languages.

OPT also adjusts to changing project requirements and provides crucial information along each step of the project-planning process, offering additional details about the products selected. With a single click the user can request product and application pricing information, and the project report is compiled and immediately made available for download.

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EU BIM Summit 2019

The EU BIM Summit 2019 celebrated in Barcelona has been the perfect occasion for us to showcase our comprehensive concept for Virtual Design and Construction that includes not only the Online Planning Tool but also the largest BIM portfolio in the construction chemicals industry and the possibility of visualization in 3D of some of the solutions. BIM designers from all over Europe had the opportunity to test OPT and experience its advantages during demo sessions and workshops, doing a virtual inspection of a jobsite and creating a specification of needed solutions to solve the identified technical issues. All of this happened in the BIM model of the project and with the support of OPT in a very quick time.

The contribution and point of view of Master Builders Solutions in the Summit was really appreciated. Mr. Ignasi Pérez Arnal, Content Director, European BIM Summit 2019 and CEO at quoted in this regard that "this year we have celebrated the 5th anniversary of European BIM Summit. And at every edition, we try to envision new paradigms that have to be known and explored as game changers of the sector.

EBS2019 has shown the real importance of one sector that nobody takes care while talking about BIM: the big piece of the cake that manufacturers and providers help to cook.

And you know that cooking is equal to a chemistry process - this is the reason why speakers as Master Builders Solutions and its construction chemistry are crucial to complete the BIM life cycle of building."

Additional information about Virtual Design and Construction from Master Builders Solutions by MBCC Group can be found at:

Online Planning Tool – easy, fast, and smart specification tool.

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